Key Vision

While the Committee is the governing body and takes care of the general management of the building and club. We hope that each Member joins to help achieve the continuation of the club for the benefit of it’s members, visitors and the community for generations to come.

This idea formulates one of our key visions whereby there is the wish that all members feel like the club is a home from home. We aim to create a club that members can engage with by setting up and managing their own events. This makes the club become a personal space for every member in a way that adds value to your membership and helps to sustain the club at the same time.

The Future of the Club

We need you

In honouring the legacy of the club and all of the many, many people that have been involved and contributed to this much loved place the committee and its members will need to come together to make it work.

The classic “use it or lose” phrase definitely applies to this wonderful institution and your subscriptions and attendants will be the key to the clubs success in the future.

We now have a suggestions box in the Club Bar area so please feel free to post your suggestions and ideas and we promise we will do our best to listen and make this place a home from home for every member.

How can you help us:

Invite friends and family to become Members

Increase your use of the Club

Increase your support and attendance to Club functions and events

Increase private hire and bookings

Discuss your ideas with us

Any voluntary assistance you can provide will go a long way to restoring the interior of the Red House to its former state. The Committee will circulate details of “working-parties” when planned.

Get in touch if you would like to volunteer by registering your interest